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With over 15 years of experience as a naturopathic doctor and a challenging personal story, Dr Jolene Kennett ND wanted to share what she’s learned through experiences and so proceeded to gather some of the best practitioners under one roof. 

The practitioners at Shipyards Health offer exceptional care and a variety of health care and aesthetic services under one roof. 

Our doctors follow the model of compassion and constant learning to be the lead for their patients in search of best health practices. 

Our ideology is transparency, therefore when you scroll down you will see our practitioners biography, credentials, expertise and personal philosophies. 

We welcome you to our clinic and we are sure you will find the best suited doctor for you.




Dr Kennett Jolene ND

Dr. Jolene Kennett ND

Dr Jolene Kennett has spent more than a decade working with patients on an array of health issues, ranging from simple to complex, from acute to chronic. She studied at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, receiving her diploma in 2002. Since that time, Jolene has enjoyed a career as one of North Vancouver’s leading Naturopathic Doctors. She has been practicing in her own clinic, CareMed, since 2007. CareMed is currently situated in a heritage building in the heart of historic Lower Lonsdale. This culturally diverse, family-oriented neighbourhood is the perfect place for Jolene to offer her unique blend of wisdom and compassion-based treatments.

What truly sets Dr Jolene  Kennett apart as a doctor is that she approaches her work with a rare blend of thorough research, constant educational pursuits and real doctor-patient connection. With this powerful combination, she is able to create a strong support system for her patients, ensuring their comfort and security at all times. Jolene believes that there is no room for ego in patient care, and this comes through in her open and understanding approach.

Jolene prioritizes compassion and empathy, and is well-known for her gentle and kind yet professional and focused approach. She believes that mind/body balance can be achieved by anyone, and she helps her patients obtain this by creating in-depth health plans based on each patient’s individual needs. She’s what you would call a people person, able to communicate effectively and clearly with her patients. This is evident in the care Jolene takes to explain even the most difficult concepts so that everyone leaves with a sense of complete understanding.

Jolene is deeply committed to her work, and to assisting patients in transforming all aspects of their health. There are myriad aspects of her work that bring her fulfillment, including providing symptom relief, explaining root causes, offering a listening ear and challenging patients to find the best version of themselves.

Jolene leads a rich and full family life in North Vancouver with her partner and their two children, as well as two Hungarian Vizslas. In rare moments of free time, she enjoys road trips with her family, healthy cooking, entertaining and volunteering in the community. It’s no coincidence that she lives in the community she practices in, and she is pleased to continue serving the North Shore.

Jolene looks to the bright future of CareMed with optimism. She continues to expand her skills and credentials, so that she can offer a wider range of services to her patients. Education is a top priority, and she is constantly looking to elevate and expand her horizons as a doctor. Jolene is excited to continue offering top-quality naturopathic medicine, skin treatments, and more, and she looks forward to guiding you as you master health and achieve longevity.

Dr Sofia Byfield MD


Dr Sofia Bayfield MD 

(currently not accepting new patients) 


Dr. Bayfield completed her medical degree at UBC after a Bachelor of Science in biology, and degree in Rehabilitation Medicine also at UBC. She worked in the United States as an American Board-certified family doctor for many years then returned to Canada and has been in her family practice since 2007. 

 Dr Bayfield enjoys the unique challenges of family practice in dealing with problems of all age groups and medical issues in everybody’s system. She enjoys helping her patients become empowered to understand and take care of their bodies and has helped people realize the benefits of nutrition and physical movement in achieving optimal health.  She holds highly the values of a patient’s autonomy in medical decision making.  

When not working, she enjoys the outdoors with hiking, lots of biking, and trying to grow vegetables  to feed her family! 


Dr Verma Rishi MD


Dr Rishi Verma MD 



Dr. Verma is accepting new family practice patients both for his Life plan (covered by MSP), and the Optimum plan (family practice plus integrative medicine and executive health). 


Dr. Verma is a true leader in the field of integrative medicine. He has founded and been medical director of three successful, integrative medical clinics. He also has paved the way for integrative medicine in Canada, being the co-founder and former Vice-President of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association.

Dr. Verma’s  knowledge is grounded in conventional medicine, and is layered with numerous modern strategies to help his patients prevent, manage, and treat illness. On weekends, he can be found on his mountain bike, golfing with friends, or exploring our beautiful province. Dr. Verma is currently accepting patients to  a waiting list. 


Family practice

Integrative medicine

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Hormone pelleting

IV iron

IV vitamins 

Vera Berard RM

Vera Berard RM


Vera is a registered midwife offering early pregnancy and after birth postpartum care only.  Her current services include a variety of remote, home, and office visits.  

Since discontinuing birth services late 2021, Vera, with the support of her Lionsgate Hospital family doctor, nurse, midwife, obstetrical and paediatric specialist colleagues, is delighted to have found a way in which she continues to use her passion, skills and experience within our healthcare region.  

Her early pregnancy and postpartum services are covered by MSP and are at no cost to BC residents that have a care card. 

 Patients receiving prenatal and birth care from a doctor can self refer to Vera’s 6 week postpartum services using the link below.

Medical doctors, specialists, social workers, nurse practitioners and registered nurses can also provide a referral to her consultation services. Her catchment area is the North Shore, particularly Lower Lonsdale. 


Vera is an asset to your early pregnancy and post partum care as she is a strong advocate for informed choice during childbearing and rearing, and for supporting the physiological processes of labor, birth and breast/chest feeding. 


Vera Berard completed her nursing and midwifery training in South Africa before immigrating to Canada in 1982. Initially she worked as a perinatal nurse, childbirth educator and midwife in Women’s Hospital midwifery program, before going through BC’s midwifery registration process in 1997. Since then, she has worked as a registered midwife providing community midwifery services at home and in hospital on the North Shore. Well over 1000 babies and their families have received services from Vera’s practice. She has a master’s degree in midwifery practice and has education, as well as experience in lactation support, infant development, early parenting and mindfulness. 


Vera values autonomy, the power of community, respectful and compassionate care and life long learning.

  Outside of her work Vera enjoys her friends and family, walking in nature, playing pickle ball and bridge.

You can find Vera in a cozy office at Shipyards Health on Wednesday evenings. 

Dr Mohamed Fahrin ND (

Dr Fahrin Mohamed ND

Dr. Mohamed believes that healing is not linear but dynamic with many facets. Having battled vertigo for years, she realized that health is not about the physical body only, but a very integral part is the mind and body connection and what we feed our subconscious.

Additionally, the intention of treatment and energy delivered to the patient is an integral part of the healing process. 


Dr.Mohamed believes in micro steps that are manageable for the patient, but ultimately takes them to optimal health.


An integral part of Dr. Mohamed’s practice and her extreme passion is Nutrient IV Therapy and The Zone Technique. Dr. Mohamed was an IV Doctor for multiple years and a part of a team that launched a course in IV Nutrient Therapy in April of 2023. She is extremely grateful for the vast experience she has in Nutrient IV Therapy and its presence in her practice. 

She is also trained in and able to provide Iron Infusions that she is extremely passionate about. 


Area of Focus: IV Nutrient Therapy, Zone Technique, Mental Health, Gut Health, Skin Health, Weight loss support, Vestibular Health and Iron Deficiency

Dr Terrie VanAlstyne ND

Dr Terrie VanAlstyne ND 



Dr. Terrie has over 18 years of practical experience as a registered professional. Recognized as the “Most Outstanding Clinician” in her graduating class at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, she went on to establish two highly successful Naturopathic clinics, first in Whitby, Ontario and then in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. Over a nine-year period, she worked with well over 2,500 patients of all ages and conditions, developing effective treatment protocols to achieve optimal healing.


For five years, as the Western Accounts Manager for Douglas Labs Pure Encapsulations, Dr. Terrie consulted with over 400 different Integrative Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, and Certified Nutritionists, providing training and product knowledge in advanced nutritional supplementation.


Since 2008, Dr. Terrie has developed an expertise in Anti-aging medicine and facial rejuvenation techniques.  She is a certified and skilled practitioner in Dermal Filler and Neurotoxin (Botox) injections, Facial Mesotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). She combines these external treatments with her expertise in internal healing to achieve vitality and a youthful appearance in her patients.


Dr. Terrie is a proud member of the following associations:

  • CAND (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Medicine)

  • BCNA (British Columbia Naturopathic Association)

  • ACAM (American Academy of the Advancement in Medicine)


Dr. Terrie has successfully assisted thousands of patients in achieving their health goals and overcoming their health issues. She believes rather than merely treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals, a natural approach can be a much better option for long-term results and that the body is designed to heal itself given a supportive environment.


Integrative family medicine addresses: anti-aging, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, hormone imbalances, weight issues, chronic pain, thyroid issues, digestive disorders and food sensitivities, depression, poor immunity, skin disorders and chronic diseases.

Tania - patient care manager

Tania – Patient Care Manager 


Tania is the heartbeat of our clinic.  She has been a team member of Shipyards Health since inception and with her skill, kindness, and dedication to patient care, she is a key player at the clinic whom you will most certainly love.  Born and raised on the North Shore, Tania enjoys the bounty of nature that surrounds us so whether you interact with her at the clinic or when you run into her at the local parks with her ever so sweet toddler, give her a warm hello.  

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