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Shipyards Health our clinic


Located in North Vancouver’s Shipyards District,

Shipyards Health is a clinic which hosts local practitioners specializing in integrative and functional medicine to deliver personalized health plans.

In 2014, Shipyards Health was established in the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Lower Lonsdale inside the heritage Aberdeen Block.  Shipyards Health is modernly equipped with the latest technologies while at the same time devoted to appreciation of the preservation of historical heritage.

a brief history

Situated just above the shoreline of the Burrard Inlet, Lower Lonsdale was bustling with activity at the turn of the last century with the introduction of a cross-inlet ferry service and a booming shipyard industry.

 The Shipyards District, also known as Lower Lonsdale, is  the North Vancouver oldest neighborhood and the heart of the Lonsdale Avenue.

By 1900, the North Vancouver—the first in a five-ferry fleet, began running back and forth from Vancouver to the foot of Lonsdale on a regular basis. A couple years later, Alfred St. George Hamersley, one-time solicitor for the City of North Vancouver, purchased and subdivided District Lot 274 which resulted in the rapid development of the Lower Lonsdale area. Soon after the acquisition, the housing market opened up in the area and by late 1903 land was being sold and more lots were being cleared.

The population influx in the area led to the beginnings of a small, commercial sector in Lower Lonsdale. Read more

Shipyards Health Clinic combines over 25 years of combined naturopathic medical experience in the treatment of people of any age and with all degrees

of medical concerns.

Focused on personalized integrative medicine using a combination of dietary, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical options, along with acupuncture, intravenous and injection services we combine a broad scope of expertise in many different medical disciplines.

Our doctors bring their expertise practicing true integrative approach to treatment and with all this combined knowledge, there is no health concern

that we can’t tackle!

Shipyards Health practitioners